Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Write me a message

Remember the black boards of our school days? I remember that I would use to scribble or try to write in my nicest cursive writing on them when no one else was around in class. There is just something romantic about chalk. :)

Here is a chance for you to leave messages for yourself or your loved ones! It can be hanged or propped up anywhere you like. Or do as I did and place it on one of those frame easels you can get from Ikea.

It measures 15.4cm X 19.4cm and the outer frame is made of plain wood which you can decorate yourself if you are artsy. There are two hooks are already embedded for you to either hang it vertically or horizontally.

Get this for only RM 13!
But wait...You have the blackboard but where can you get chalk?
We are throwing in this box of assorted 12 coloured chalk for you start!
Update! Restocked from supplier.
Blackboard is now slightly bigger with alphabet and number prints at the side!

But still as adorable and with free chalk!

Love the colours! Start scribbling away, be it inspirational quotes for yourself or grocery reminders!

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  1. are you selling the black board for rm13? or is it the chalk? - safetybuttonme@gmail.com