Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Closing Down Sales

Hi shoppers, Due to time constraints and work obligations, we have made a decision to not continue with this blogshop as we are unable to bring in new items regularly. Therefore, everything that is still available are being sold at rockbottom prices, some even lower than cost prices. And....some are even inclusive of postage! So please take your pick as we would want these items to be put to good use instead of languishing in our stocks.

Oh, buy more than three items and get free postage! =)

Happy browsing and do email us your orders and enquiries. We will respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you for all your support.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Write me a message

Remember the black boards of our school days? I remember that I would use to scribble or try to write in my nicest cursive writing on them when no one else was around in class. There is just something romantic about chalk. :)

Here is a chance for you to leave messages for yourself or your loved ones! It can be hanged or propped up anywhere you like. Or do as I did and place it on one of those frame easels you can get from Ikea.

It measures 15.4cm X 19.4cm and the outer frame is made of plain wood which you can decorate yourself if you are artsy. There are two hooks are already embedded for you to either hang it vertically or horizontally.

Get this for only RM 13!
But wait...You have the blackboard but where can you get chalk?
We are throwing in this box of assorted 12 coloured chalk for you start!
Update! Restocked from supplier.
Blackboard is now slightly bigger with alphabet and number prints at the side!

But still as adorable and with free chalk!

Love the colours! Start scribbling away, be it inspirational quotes for yourself or grocery reminders!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Features yet again!

a big "YAY" goes out to
"Today I'm Wearing" for featuring our blog!

to check out the short but sweet post head over to the web link!


remember to always check for updates.
we are just a babble away!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini features!

These lovely girls did a mini feature on our products. I think they did a great job and thank you!
To see the features, click on the links. And pssst, we will be having a special promotion for Merdeka Day tomorrow too. Do check back with us soon!


Saturday, August 28, 2010


We have been reviewed by these two review blogs.

Thanks dearies! Hope on over and take a look at what they say and other sites. :)





Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Welcome to our fledgling blogshop, the AdoraBabble.

We hope you adore our things as we had fun choosing them and imagining them being put to good use by other girls (and guys) out there.

The first three customers will get a special gift from us! Hurry! =) *edit* All gone! Thanks girls!

Have a browse and feel free to drop us an email at AdoraBabble@gmail.com.

Going Green!

I am sure you girls have come across eco-friendly bags made from a variety of materials such as plastic, cloth and other synthetic materials. However, most of them are either ugly, expensive or simply a hassle to carry around!

Here, we offer you a chance to be eco-friendly while making a statement with the cute prints on the bags! What is more, you can throw them into your bag and open them up when you need to use it! Then, after usage simply fold them back into the small pouch provided. Easy peasy.

Plus, it is waterproof! Do your bit for mother nature while being vibrant and happy going at the same time.

41cm across and 36cm in height (excluding straps)
Fits till slightly bigger than A4. Good quality material and in vibrant colors! :)

Which print represents you?
L-R from the top
B01 Polka Love
B02 Artsy Birds Reserved
B03 Floral Life
B04 Indie Dotty
B05 Chasing Cheetah Sold
B06 Stripey Zebra


12cm across, 9cm height (excluding straps)
It is about the same size as a compact powder case! Perfect to carry to anywhere, college, shopping, supermarkets, wet market, picnic...anywhere!
And if you forget to bring an umbrella, use it as a head cover! =P

Get them at RM 15 each!
Closing sales price ---> RM 10 each!

Your Crowning Glory

Don't you think that your hair deserves to be accessorized too? Make no mistake, hair bands are not out of fashion yet, simply be creative and the simplest addition can refresh your look! Bands are a solid, satiny black. You will definitely get positive comments with these lovelies on you.

For floral lovers, The Floral Beauties

HB01 Dainty White

HB02 Gem Blue

HB03 Chili Red

For those who like it fairy airy, The Ribbons

HB04 Dear Grey

HB05 Blush Pink

HB06 Jet Back

HB07 Lovely Beige
Sorry, forgot to model this one!

Which of them would you like perched on your head? =)
Make them a part of you for RM 15 each!
Closing sales ---> RM 8

Bling Up Your Life!

Tired of being blah and normal? Get yourself some sparkles with these beautiful crystals.

They can be used as handphone straps, put on zippers of bags, clutches and pencil boxes. Your creativity is the limit as to how you want to use them. The photographs do them no justice as they do really sparkle and shimmer in light!

Can't you see them prettying up your stuff already?

S01 Mystic Grey

S02 Sea Turquoise

S03 Sky Blue

S04 Classic Onyx

S05 Mystery Forest

S06 Blushing Lady
They are clear colored with hints of pink of whatever color lighting you are in.
Absolutely gorgeous.

All of them measure 15cm except for Mystic Grey which is 13cm
Which of them represent you?

Make them a part of your life at RM 8 each!
Closing sales ---> RM 5 plus normal post!! *Steal

Estatically Elastic!

Prefer elastic hair bands rather than the metal ones because they hurt? We have alternatives for you here too! They are adjustable so you can position them to your comfort and preference! They are comfy, simple and yet stylish.

There are three kinds of hair bands below suited for casual occasions, on a date, out for a night in town or even prom! Take your pic and adorn your tresses.

Braided Goddess
HB08 Brown Sold
HB09 Silver Sold
Sequin Queen
HB10 Brown Sold
HB11 Black

Metallic Ribbon
HB12 Gold One left!
HB13 Silver One left!

Which of them speak to you?
Get them at RM 8 each!
Closing sales ---> RM 6 plus normal post!
Psst, seen for RM 10 - RM 19 in boutiques!

Sticker Mania

Love stickers? So do we! These stickers are the cushion-y kinds with subtle sparkles in them. Use them anywhere you like because they are too cute to keep out of sight! Ideas are endless - notebooks, cards, handphone, laptop, photo frame, mirror, furniture, posters ...

The whole strip

ST01 Foodie Heaven

Whole strip

ST02 Animal Lover 1 One left!

Whole strip

ST03 Animal Lover 2 One left!

Aren't they adorable?

Get them at RM 5 each!
Closing sales ---> RM 2 plus normal post!

Absolutely worth it because they sell it for RM 10 or more outside!
Can use normal post if only purchasing stickers. Please enquire.

Little Ribbons In Her Hair...

I used to think that little hair clips were kind of useless because they don't really help keep hair in place. That was till i actually tried some! The clips do help to give shape and hold you hair back and the best thing is, they come in so many cute colors, shapes and designs! These ribbon clips totally adds a splash of color to drab hair.

The love ribbons are so cute, even soft toys want to try them on!
And it gives them a paw of approval below!

HC01 Yellow
HC02 Pink
HC03 Purple
HC04 Blue
HC05 Orange

Which of the Love Ribbons is in your color?
Get them at RM 5 per pair!
Closing sale ---> RM 3 per pair plus normal post!