Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Going Green!

I am sure you girls have come across eco-friendly bags made from a variety of materials such as plastic, cloth and other synthetic materials. However, most of them are either ugly, expensive or simply a hassle to carry around!

Here, we offer you a chance to be eco-friendly while making a statement with the cute prints on the bags! What is more, you can throw them into your bag and open them up when you need to use it! Then, after usage simply fold them back into the small pouch provided. Easy peasy.

Plus, it is waterproof! Do your bit for mother nature while being vibrant and happy going at the same time.

41cm across and 36cm in height (excluding straps)
Fits till slightly bigger than A4. Good quality material and in vibrant colors! :)

Which print represents you?
L-R from the top
B01 Polka Love
B02 Artsy Birds Reserved
B03 Floral Life
B04 Indie Dotty
B05 Chasing Cheetah Sold
B06 Stripey Zebra


12cm across, 9cm height (excluding straps)
It is about the same size as a compact powder case! Perfect to carry to anywhere, college, shopping, supermarkets, wet market, picnic...anywhere!
And if you forget to bring an umbrella, use it as a head cover! =P

Get them at RM 15 each!
Closing sales price ---> RM 10 each!


  1. very hard to get through ur mail.. if u read this please emel me ..

    interested in buying this bag..

  2. hi there,
    so sorry for the trouble. i have already replied you in email. please check :)