Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bling Up Your Life!

Tired of being blah and normal? Get yourself some sparkles with these beautiful crystals.

They can be used as handphone straps, put on zippers of bags, clutches and pencil boxes. Your creativity is the limit as to how you want to use them. The photographs do them no justice as they do really sparkle and shimmer in light!

Can't you see them prettying up your stuff already?

S01 Mystic Grey

S02 Sea Turquoise

S03 Sky Blue

S04 Classic Onyx

S05 Mystery Forest

S06 Blushing Lady
They are clear colored with hints of pink of whatever color lighting you are in.
Absolutely gorgeous.

All of them measure 15cm except for Mystic Grey which is 13cm
Which of them represent you?

Make them a part of your life at RM 8 each!
Closing sales ---> RM 5 plus normal post!! *Steal

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